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Talenta Academy is welcoming learning communities where principal, teachers, and administrative staff encourage students to achieve secondary school education. This course calendar is designed to encourage parents and students to keep themselves informed about secondary school education in Ontario, and help you choose your courses and create your pathway to success. We are committed to offering a wide variety of courses in a safe and inclusive environment. In fact, our school offers large number of program choices and we have dedicated and caring staff to help you reach your goals.

This Course Calendar will assist students and parents/guardians in making those important course and program selections. It is important to emphasize, however, that the Course Calendar is not the only source of information.

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Our Courses

High School Credit Courses

English, Maths, Science, French, Geography

English, Maths, Science, History, Civics and Careers

English, Maths, Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors, Data Management, Business Leadership, International Business, Accounting, Economics, Canadian and International Law, World Issues, Challenge and Change, Families in Canada, Computer Engineering, Ontario Literacy Course, and more...

Tutoring Class

Specialized Math, Reading, Writing

English, Math, French, Science

Math, English, French, Science, History, Geography, and Civics & Careers

English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Accounting, Advanced Functions Calculus & Vectors, Data Management

Math prep for Grade 3,6, 9, and English 10

Our Services

Private School - Full Time

Talenta Academy is an Ontario Secondary Private School offers full time school and part time studies for all high school aged students.

Private School - Part Time

We offer private high school credit course classes for all subjects for Gr 9 - 12 at an affordable rate and at your convenience time of day, evening, and weekends.

Tutoring Group

We offer tutoring classes for English, Reading, Writing, Math, Science, French, etc., and more. The duration of our classes is 2 hours per week at a convenient time for both.

Tutoring Individual

We offer group or individual tutoring for all students . We offer tutoring classes in English, Math, Science, French, Geography, History, etc., and more. The duration of our classes is 2 hours per week at a convenient time for both.

Summer Camp

A summer camp, or sleepaway camp, is a supervised program for children or teenagers conducted during the summer months in some countries



Latest News


March Break Schedule

Talenta Academy will be closed during March Break holiday, from March 16 to 22. ...
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New Student Online Enrollment @ Talenta Academy

Students can be enrolled now at any time of the day through online registration...
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Technology is part of Education Now

Technology is part of our everyday life now. So that, it is very important to integrate technology and implement it in our classroom. It is now part...
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Community News


Schools are closed due to coronavirus

The Ontario government announced that all schools, camps, daycares are closed in Ontario until April 5 due to coronavirus. Not only are all publicly ...
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Ontario banning students from using cellphones class

Ontario’s education minister announced Thursday that the use of personal mobile devices such as cellphones in the classroom will be restricted start...
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Welcome back to school

Welcome back to School for another successful year at Talenta Academy....
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