Guidance Of Students

Talenta Academy is an Ontario Secondary Private School offers full time school and part time studies for all high school aged students. The school is providing students from Grade 9 to 12 with an enriched and challenging curriculum focusing on traditional academic subjects. This focus has allowed our graduates to experience great success at leading universities. This website is an excellent way for us to communicate with our school community.

You will get information about Talenta''s current news, student and staff activities, the school calendar of events, daily schedules, school policies and procedures are outlined. Information is updated on a regular basis.

Parents, guardians and students will benefit from regular visits to our site.

Our Part Time Credit Course Classes

We offer private high school credit course classes for all subjects for Gr 9 - 12 at an affordable rate and at your convenience time of day, evening, and weekends. We offer all high school subjects in Applied, academic, college and university preparation courses in English, Math, Science, French, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors, Data Management, Business Leadership, International Business, Accounting, Economics, Canadian Law, World Issues, Social Science, Computer Science, and more. Check our course list for other subjects.

We offer high school credit course classes for individual who is not able to attend our regular classes or who needs one-on-one help with our teachers to suit their needs